Below are several of the reviews listed by our trial survey participants. With consent from these participants we will list them in their original wording, both good and bad.

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Z~ Age 26, Central California

I have suffered from Eczema my whole life and in the middle of a massive outbreak like this, my skin is raw usually with open, puss-filled blisters and sores.

Prescription creams containing steroids used to be the only thing that helped when the outbreak is of this degree or worse. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most severe, this particular outbreak was an 8! As a prescription I would be given additional oral steroids and in some cases it would stop the increasing outbreak within a few days.

But it still leaves my skin in a raw condition. The itchiness continues even if the oozing pustules improve. Because I have had this my whole life, it has begun to do permanent damage to my skin.

A recent visit to a new Dermatologist unveiled 2 separate diagnosis, one for my arms and one for my legs and feet. On my arms, the skin has changed from the realm of Eczema to Prurigo Nodules, which by clinical definition is a symptom of excessive scratching from the Eczema outbreaks. The diagnosis for my feet is referred to as Lichenification or Lichen Simplex. The medical definition is leathering of the skin after trauma and can also cover patients with severe burns or other skin disorders.

This picture is 2 weeks of use on both legs and feet. What an incredible difference this has made in my life!

I love the fact that this lotion is light, not oily, and doesn’t ruin my clothing. It also doesn’t take a lot to cover large areas so it lasts longer.

Heart-felt thanks to the Dula Gold team for allowing me to give this a try!! I’ll never use any other kind of lotion for this again!

Patti~ Age 63, Bakersfield, CA

I was an EMT for most of my adult life and wanted to do a tribute tattoo to law enforcement, and emergency response teams. I live in California but flew to Houston to have this design and work done by Prison Break Tattoos.

They typically recommend a healing aid like Aquaphor© or a petroleum jelly based product for the aftercare, but I find them to be very oily or greasy. For a full leg tat, that was not very appealing to me.

With this much ink coverage I was very happy to find a product that increases the healing time but also softened the scabbing and reduced the itchiness that also comes with the healing!

A friend suggested I give this Dula Gold lotion a try and now I’m so hooked on this stuff! I also do needle point and stick myself often, so there’s 2 uses for it. It’s great for minor cuts and scratches too. Can’t wait for this stuff to be in my local stores so I can tell everyone about it.

7 days of use as recommended has produced outstanding results for my tattoo! I could not be happier! Thank you Dula Gold!


After trying many products for chronic psoriasis, I was given a trial sample of Dula Gold’s Healing Cream. (Day 1 of use)

I will let the pictures speak for themselves and will continue to use the cream on every flare up!

I’ve also had the opportunity to try Dula Gold’s Shampoo and Conditioner. What a difference it makes!