Sample Tests

Every product you buy for your medical, personal or home use has a testing period it must go through before it reaches the shelves of your favorite retailers. During the FDA process, we received our first batch of samples to be tested by friends and family to see what they think.



My last tattoo was a full leg piece that took over 10 hours to complete. With so much ink being pushed I thought for sure most of it would scab over, then peel off. That’s the way it normally works. My body is covered in ink and in the past I’ve received some form of healing aid to cover the art during the time it takes to set then heal.

Unfortunately for me, most of them are petroleum based, oily, and heavy. Using those products takes me longer to heal plus destroys clothing as the oil or gels do not come out in the wash very easily.

With this much ink coverage I was very happy to find a product that increases the healing time but also softened the scabbing and reduced the itchiness that also comes with the healing process! Thank you Dula Gold!

7 days of use as recommended has produced outstanding results for my tattoo! I could not be happier!